Would You Like to Work as a Care Worker?

If you have a caring nature and are interested in working in the healthcare field, you may want to consider a job as a care worker. A care worker is also called a support worker, care assistant, or nursing home assistant.

Obtaining a DBS Clearance

Whilst the requirements for obtaining work are not set, it is helpful to have experience in a caring role with another employer or in a volunteer capacity. If you work with vulnerable adults or children, you need to obtain a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) clearance. A DBS clearance is a criminal record check.

Types of Criminal Record Checks

Employers can request three different types of criminal record checks. These checks may include the following:

  • A standard check, which reveals convictions, reprimands, warnings, or cautions
  • An enhanced check, which is the same as a standard check plus any police data that is deemed pertinent to the care worker role
  • An enhanced list with barred lists, which is the same as an enhanced check plus information that shows if an applicant is barred from working as a care worker

If you have not worked in care worker jobs in Chelmsford or other locations in the UK, you need to obtain a Care Certificate, which is normally a 12-week programme that is featured by a healthcare employer.

Required Skills

You also have to have certain skills for care. These skills include the following:

  • The ability to communicate with people from varying backgrounds
  • The ability to stay calm in stressful situations
  • The ability to show sensitivity and diplomacy

The above skills are required, especially if you need to deal with a challenging personality at times. When you work in this role, you normally assist people in day centres, nursing homes, day centres, or residences.

Daily Responsibilities

Daily responsibilities may include the following:

  • Communicating with clients and getting to know their needs and interests
  • Helping with daily living tasks such as washing and dressing
  • Preparing food, feeding, and dispensing medication
  • Performing general tasks such as laundry, shopping, and housework
  • Assisting clients with managing their finances or writing letters
  • Supporting the family and acclimating them to caring responsibilities

Care Worker Hours

A full-time job working as a care worker covers 35 to 40 hours weekly. You may also work part-time in the field. Some care workers are asked to work shifts, including evenings and weekends. Depending on the care worker role, you may be required to stay overnight with a client or live in a home.

Progression in the Care Worker Role

This type of job can lead to a senior role in which you are overseeing care worker services or managing care workers. This role is often related to such positions as nurse, paramedic, care home advocate, family support worker, or paramedic.

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