Why Your Child Might Need a Tutor

There are several reasons as to why your child might need tuitionduring their younger years. The tutor handling your child needs to work with your child in a small group or on a one-on-one basis. Normally, a tutor will only focus on a specific academic subject, in which your child has a weakness, or concentrate on coaching the child in a given technique of tackling examinations.

If your child is struggling with his or her studies, or simply needs some push in order to perform well at school or pass an important exam, a tutor comes very much in handy. However, sometimes you might need to employ a tutor who can reinforce and polish your child’s exceptional abilities in a given field. Normally a lot is achieved with a tutor, within a shorter period of time than it could take if your child is taught in a class of about 30children. However, if you need to have the best tutor for your child, you must be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets since they normally don’t come cheap. A professional tutor can charge anything between £20 and £50 an hour.

You can also opt for tutors who teach online through instant messaging or platforms such as Skype which allow the student and tutor to see each other, face to face, on a computer screen. This is usually cheaper (about £15 per hour) as compared to when a tutor has to physically meet your child. The other cheaper option is signing up for an automated online tutoring service that comes with regular on-screen exercises. Subscription to this type of tutoring might cost you anything in the neighbourhoods of £100 annually.

When Can A Child Benefit From Special Tuition?

In a nutshell, your child has a lot to gain from a tutor if:

  • The child’s grades/results/class performances are lower than what is expected of him or her
  • The child needs to be thoroughly prepared for a forthcoming important exam
  • The child is losing confidence in her academic abilities and he or she generally needs some special reinforcement in all or specific subjects.

But, before making the decision to hire a tutor for your child, it is always advisable to talk to his or her teacher. There actually might be some other way of helping the child that may be offered in school at no extra cost. The teacher might also recommend better ways of helping the child or even refer you to a reliable tutor.

Most of the tutors are normally teachers who are out to make an extra coin or retired teachers who want to remain active while earning some extra cash. A good number of them are also college and university students or those who have graduated recently and are out to earn a living through their newly acquired skills.

Most of the tutors work through reputable tutoring agencies which can be reached by conducting a simple search online. Since various tutors have unique approaches and styles of tutoring, it is upon you to consider carefully what approach you think might be appropriate for your child before discussing it with the tutor that you finally settle on.

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