Why It Is Essential to Learn Multiplication Right from Young Age

Multiplication tables are very significant part of math learning. Students are seen struggling with them in their primary school. They are likely to lag behind when they reach secondary school. Thus, it is very important for young students to have good hold on multiplication. The earlier one gets introduced to basic form of multiplication, the more familiar they will become with this major operation.

Importance of Times tables

Proficiency and familiarity with the basic times table constitute an important building block in mathematics. It assists in performing multi-digit multiplication and also elucidates processes such as simplifying fractions and long division. It lays the base for algebra.

Multiplication tables are a significant part of any math program. By way of continuous repeating, it inculcates the practice of working problems out on their own in their heads. It also assists in building up the stamina and speed required to progress at mental arithmetic. App with animated gif images and YouTube integration with multiplication table proves to be great help in learning.

Why is it important to master multiplication table at primary level?

The mathematics program is a type of linear package where each level develops incrementally based on the knowledge one has mastered in the earlier level. The higher levels of this program involve long division, fraction, long multiplication, and algebra.

Dealing with all these higher-level concepts makes it difficult for a student if he does not have full command on multiplication, times tables, and division skills. There are several math apps available, that helps a child to learn multiplication table in an enjoyable way. Animated gif and animation on the app make it fun to work on multiplication table.

Learning multiplication table with the help of clock and calculator

Adults can assist their kids in learn counting via 2 extremely beneficial tools that are available in each and every home. These are a clock and a calculator. Your kid can easily learn the table of four by typing “4” on the screen. Follow it by pressing “+” along with “4” and “=” sign.

This can be repeatedly performed several times to get a complete series of table of four. One can see the display changes from 4 to 8 to 12 to 16 to 20. Thus, by changing the starting number with the 1st addition number, you can get the series of any table you want.

Parents can assist their young ones to learn the 5 times tables via an analogue clock. It is easy, as the clock has 5 minutes increments. These increments are numbered from 1 to 12. This will not just help them to read time but also the table of five easily and quickly.


The early a student learns multiplication table, better it will be in his future years. There are several ways in which you can make multiplication tables easy to grasp and memorize. Introduction to them in commonly played games such as snakes and ladders, snap, bingo, etc. can make these tables enjoyable and easy to learn.  

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