Why a Music Class Will Enhance Your Child’s Life

Children who learn music enrich their lives in many ways. Not only does music inspire them in other subjects, it can also help them develop their skills academically and socially. Lessons in music that are offered cover piano, voice, the violin, the guitar, the cello, and the drum. Music exploration lessons are offered as well as instrumental lessons that teach children about using the trumpet, French horn, or trombone.

Learning the Piano

One of the more basic lessons is learning how to play the piano. In fact, this is normally the most popular instrumental course. These lessons are given to children as young as four years old as well as adult learners. When you choose to learn the piano, you will find that you have just embarked on an exciting musical journey, one that will enable you to learn about the various composers as well as the various musical genres.

One-on-one piano lessons are set up to offer bespoke teaching. Therefore, you can choose to concentrate on rock, pop, classical, or jazz music. Typically, this type of musical instruction takes about 30 to 45 minutes per session. Each lesson is given weekly. The 30 to 45-minute lessons normally feature music such as classical, rock, pop, or jazz. If you opt to take piano lessons for 60 minutes at a time, they are generally given to students who are at least six years of age.

Vocal Lessons

Some students want to learn how to sing their best. If you want to develop your child’s musical talent this way, you need to enrol him or her in vocal lessons. However, like other musical classes, this type of class is not limited to young children. Adults can also take advantage of the training and sign up for a music class in Singapore. Whether you are young or old, you can develop your vocal range.

Like piano lessons, vocal lessons last 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or an hour. The shorter sessions require that the learners be at least 5 years of age whereas the one-hour sessions require students be at least seven years old. Vocal sessions cover music such as rock, pop, classical, or Broadway tunes.

Violin Lessons

Maybe your or your child would like to take violin lessons. If so, all ages are accommodated in this respect. Teachers can assist in refining bowing methods, phrasing, and intonation. Students can choose the type of technique they would like to follow. These one-on-one sessions last 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or one hour, and are designed for children at least four years or seven years old. The shorter sessions are set up for students at least four years of age, whereas the hour-long classes are offered to learners at least seven years old.

All of the above-mentioned courses can be incorporated into your child’s education or regular activities. They can also be set up for adults who follow busy schedules. Learning music is something you will never regret if you are an adult, and is one activity that will instil inspiration and motivation in a child. What do you hope to gain by enrolling yourself or your child in this type of class? If you wish to experience education on a whole new level, you want to make sure you include music in you or your child’s daily schedule.


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