What’s Awaiting for a Student While Studying Abroad in South Korea?

Studying abroad is always a great experience, especially for those who are actually highly enthusiastic about knowing the foreign culture and language. As far as Korea is considered, it is indeed and awesome destination, for all those who are looking forward to expanding their horizons. Each and every country has its own uniqueness and that defines the place along with the characteristics. So while one would like to study abroad in South Korea, he must be prepared with some of the basic facts, so that he might not end up meeting the unexpected.

Most of the South Korean universities are actually getting more and more competitive when it comes to enrolling the foreigner students, and this is a rock solid attempt to meet the global standards. The more the foreign students come to study, the cash flow within the economy increases at a striking rate, improving the image of the universities on a global scale. However, there are some restrictions regarding the number of South Korean native students who might be enrolled for a course, there’s no such reservation for the foreign students at all. As a result of this, there has been s steady influx of foreigners in umpteen numbers who get enrolled in the South Korean universities every single year.

One thing that every student must know and hence take prior preparation is of the language. Until and unless they are a part of the student exchange program, or getting the masters from any South Korean university, one must have a decent control and proficiency over the South Korean language. Most of the universities will perform a Test of Proficiency in Korean before admitting a student, and a score of 4 or better is compulsory which is almost equivalent to the intermediary proficiency.

Those who want to enjoy the life of a student must visit South Korean universities at least for once since the life of a Korean college student is an intense balancing act. The Korean students have become extremely accustomed to a life of studying non-stop after high school. As they enter the college life, this might be the first time they’ve been living outside their house, and suddenly they feel way less pressure to study regularly and attending the classes strictly. There’s too much of party, and at times it goes way beyond what student does in any other country.

One thing that most of the students be aware of while they decide to study abroad in South Korea is regarding the selection of a university. The South Korean ministry of Education has set it by law the number of students who will be allowed to transfer to other universities in a year, irrespective of both native and foreign students. For the foreigners, attending a university for at least two years is compulsory, before applying for a transfer. And once a transfer is being completed a foreigner student needs to start it afresh in the new university.

So life might be pretty cool in South Korea for a student, but the language and education laws might pose some trouble. If these two can be coped up with, a wonderful experience is waiting ahead.

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