What should be the daily strategy at preparing current affairs for SSC CGL

Students wait eagerly every year for the SSC CGL as this is their chance to secure the coveted seats in the central government jobs. The current affairs section is one of the most important parts of the exam as it gives you a chance to score full marks or at least close to it. In the general awareness section, at least three to four questions come from the current affairs part. This is the part that offers you a chance to score directly. If you have the current affairs in your grasp, then even if you cannot attempt some of the general knowledge questions, you need not worry too much. There are several parts that come in the current affairs section, and you need to consider each of these parts if you want to excel in the SSC CGL exams. Here, are some of the daily strategies that you can try out if you are preparing current affairs for SSC CGL.

Read the newspapers daily

Reading a good newspaper properly takes a minimum of two hours and given the amount of preparation that a candidate needs to have for the exams, most people do not get this time. There is an easy way to sort out how to read the papers in the shortest time. Begin with the editorial page and read it keenly. Write down any English words that you are not able to understand. Look for the words in the dictionary later on. This way, you will improve your vocabulary and as well as remember the news. Focus on things like environmental issues, international events, multipurpose projects, and science and technology. You can skip the Bollywood news as it is not necessary for the exam. Write out the important points in your notebook. Do not skip reading the newspapers even for a single day.

Making daily notes

Memorizing the points when you read them is not enough if you are preparing yourself to score high in the section. You need to make a habit of jotting down daily notes. Buy a notebook and start making short notes every day. Make the notes tactfully and do not write everything in the notes. Half a page of notes is enough, and you need to make sure that you jot down all the points of high importance. For instance, suppose you are writing about the missile launched by ISRO. You need to write the name of the missile and the countries involved in the launch. The notes should be short enough to have compact information and give you a chance of quick revision right before the exams.

Discuss with your friends

It will help you immensely if you can have a group of friends also preparing for the SSC CGL exams. Make a habit of regular discussion with your friends about the current affairs that you have learned. It will help in the preparation of both you and your friends as it will make it easy for everyone to remember the notes. Besides, there might be some important current affairs that you have missed, but your friends have mugged up. Discussing with your friends will make you know many new points.

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