What Is The Basis Of Migration To Canada From India

Express Entry Immigration System and Federal Skilled Worker Program was introduced in Canada in year 2015. To get an entry in canada through this program there are almost 347 occupations that are eligible.

If you are interested for application of visa you first need to submit the application to express entry pool. If you clear through minimum eligibility criteria than you are ranked based on the basis of Canada Immigration Points Calculator. On the  basis of highest ranking, candidates receive the invitation to apply for PR in Canada.

On What Base A Candidate Is Evaluated?

The applicants who qualify the basic criteria are further evaluated on the basis of six primary factors. The factors are:

  1. Language: Language is allocated with maximum 28 points and the minimum threshold is 16 points. To get through the test, the candidate must be proficient in one of the official Canadian language that is English or French.
  2. Employment Experience : The maximum number of points for this factor is 15 and the minimum required score is 9. The candidate must possess a minimum one year of experience and maximum consideration for the same is 6 years.
  3. Education : Your education can help you to score good. It has the weightage of 25 marks and maximum points are given to the candidate with doctorate degree. Foreign credentials are evaluated first for your degree and then converted into Canadian equivalence. The candidates are given the points on the basis of this equivalence.

  1. Adaptability : This factor carry 10 points. A candidate gain 5 points based on arranged employment factor and rest 5 points can be gained depending on your work experience for minimum of 1 year in any of the department like:
  • Managerial
  • Technical
  • Professional or
  • Skilled labour.

Additional points are given if you have any adult relative as PR in Canada. If your spouse is a resident or a student of canadian university or has knowledge of canadian official language then too it’s an added benefit.


  1. Age : Depending on your age you can gain a maximum of 12 points. More points are allotted to the applicants between the age group of 18 to 35. As the age increases above 35 point decrease by 1 with increase per year. So, depending on this factor no points are assigned to candidates above the age of 47.
  2. Arranged Employment : Based on this factor you can gain 0 or 10 points. If you want to gain point based on this factor and validate your employment, your employer must prove to Human Resource and Skill Department of Canada that your selection will have positive effects on the economy of the country.

If your arranged employment is validated you can easily gain 10 points. Along with that 5 additional points are given to you for adaptability factor.

Canada PR Points Calculator for skilled labour can help you gain a visa to canada. But you should gain points depending on all the required factors. All these factors comprises of 100 points in total. To pass the test you need to score minimum 67 points.


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