Top tutoring programs see demand for language tutors rise in United States

Learning a second language has never been more important for our children and parents in the United States are taking notice. The number of bilingual speakers in California alone has grown rapidly since the 80’s, some publications claiming it has more than doubled. Now even top language education programs like After School Languages are offering custom language tutoring for their students as demand continues to rise. “Parents are realizing the benefits of speaking multiple languages and want to give their children every advantage they can, which is why I think we are seeing a rise in requests for private tutors. The most popular language tutors for our program have been our Spanish tutors and French tutors” says After School Languages coordinator Miss Rose.  What started out as a popular after school program in California has grown their language tutoring programs rapidly with such high demand that within the first year of launching their tutoring program they were voted the best tutors in Santa Barbara by the local publications. With growth like this being reported by other child language education programs around the United States we can only assume that this demand will continue to rise in coming years.

Just a few of the benefits of learning languages at an early age suggested by researchers and publications include a higher I.Q. along with a larger vocabulary and improved memory. Children learning multiple languages are known to be better at problem solving, improved reading and writing, and even signs of improved abilities in areas outside of communication such as music or math. Children also have more job opportunities later in live and develop a broader view of the world. At one point in history experts felt that being bilingual actually hindered a child’s cognitive development but have now found that to be unsubstantiated. While there has been evidence showing that bilingual infants can begin speaking later than others, today majority of evidence shows that learning another language can improve thinking abilities and improve a child’s IQ.

Learning languages for children has become such a popular and important part of a child’s development that numerous schools, organizations, summer camps, and after school programs have jumped in to provide the service that our schools have yet to provide. California even recently passed a law regarding second languages in schools called Proposition 58, which allows schools to utilize programs, including bilingual education. In bilingual programs, students learn from teachers who speak both their native language and English. If requested by enough parents, the measure requires schools to offer specific English learner programs.

Many parents have opted for an individual learning experience with private tutoring. Using a language tutor students can now have a unique and custom learning experience. Since many children have varied language learning experiences and abilities a private tutoring session can adapt to their individual needs and speeds. Tutoring can help break bad study habits and improve retention of vocabulary. Some of the top tutoring programs in the country offer language tutoring and top language programs will have group classes as well as pair students with the best language tutors to fit each child’s need.

With all the child bilingual education research coming out and the steady increase in bilingual growth within schools in the United States it is safe to assume that the demand for language tutors and teachers will continue to rise.


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