The First Lessons Your Child Must Learn Before School


A kid going to school is a new chapter for parents. It is a big step in every family’s life so it is understandable when parents worry about their children. You will be entrusting the care of your child to a stranger. Sometimes, you are not even sure about what they would learn in school. While schools may have their best interests, it cannot be easy to take the doubt away from a parent.

According to an expert from the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, before you send your kid to primary schools in Dubai, you should also equip them with the lessons they can first learn at home.


It can be difficult to learn independence at a very young age. They still cling to you or follow you wherever you go. This will be a problem, especially on their first day. While it may get better over time, some kids may learn slower than the rest. Others may even develop certain fears that will hinder them from going to school at all. Your child has to learn that you cannot always be with them and that they can make it on their own. Ensuring them that you have their back even while they are away can save them from problems in school.


Humans are social individuals so they would normally interact with others. While instinctively your child would be social with other kids, they should be equipped with the right manners. This will get them out of trouble and even earn them their first friends in school. Sharing is a good exercise to learn at a very young age. Allowing them to connect with people positively can ensure you of good behaviour in the future.

A school is a big place for children. Make sure they learn life’s crucial lessons at home so they will have an easy time finding their way and making friends in school.

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