The Benefits of Private Tutor

When you are in school, the class size is considered one of the most important determining factors in a student’s success. In fact, many reports factor class sizes into the quality of a school’s abilities. That is because students who are in large groups tend to get less one-on-one assistance. Also, psychologically, these students begin to fade into the background and pay less attention. It’s often not even a conscious choice. However, no school can provide true one-on-one attention in every subject.

There are just too many students, and budgets would never allow anything even remotely close to that. So to supplement that, many students choose to seek out a tutor.

Find a Tutor

A private tutor can offer one-on-one assistance in many different subjects. Private tuition in Southsea will provide your student with the direct kind of assistance that helps students succeed. The reasons for the benefits of private tuition are numerous. For one, students cannot disengage from the lesson if they are the only ones in the room. They are forced to stay alert and participate.

Furthermore, a student who is working with a tutor can help set the speed of the lesson. A typical classroom setting has a schedule that must be maintained to reach all of the necessary subject areas. A student with a private tutor can learn at their own pace.

Learning at Their Own Pace

Research has found that many students simply learn differently than other students. There are many reasons why this is; some are psychological, while some are environmental. Whatever the case may be, not every student can move through every subject at the same pace. A tutor allows them to dictate the speed to some degree.

Setting a customised pace of learning and tailoring the lessons to the student help students in private tutoring reach their full potential.


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