Prepare your Documents before Applying in Australian Universities

Australia is the hottest destination in south pacific for higher studies amongst most of the international students. Number of students every year applies in the universities in Australia for their higher education. Students face number of problems during there application submission like application for visa, financial statements and many similar problems. One of the biggest problems in front of students is due lack of knowledge about admission procedure they are unable to prepare there documents during the time of application which ultimately leads to cancellation of their application. These problems can be solved if students consider the few points given below carefully while applying for admission in universities in Australia.

Preparing the copies of Original Documents

Original documents are not required while you apply for admission in universities. Initially you have to submit certified copies of originals. Certification has to be provided by the universities from where the original documents are issued or by university’s authorized agents. If your documents are not in English you have to prepare a translation of your application. Translation must be provided by a government employed translator or any other translator who has official, professional, qualification in translating documents.

Transcript of mark sheet

Universities in Australia have a few academic as well as grade requirements and they are verified through your mark sheets. You are required to obtain transcripts from your school from where your former schooling begins and you have to provide transcripts record from primary to secondary. If you are in pursuing your graduation then you have to provide those transcripts as well. These transcripts show your grades on the subjects and modules that you have undergone. In case if you are still pursuing your education you have to provide certification from authorized school or university indicating when you are expected to finish the course and what qualification you will obtain in result.

Professional Qualification & Work Experience Certifications

If you have a professional education you are required to provide proof of this qualification. You have to show your license or certificate that is awarded to you to practice the professions. Along with these certification if you have undergone some professional training, attended a seminar, and special modules that you have studied you are required to provide certifications that provides your attendance confirmation. Incase of few courses you have to show the proof of work experience. In that case you have to obtain certification of your employment from previous employers.

English Language Qualification

Australian Universities have there courses designed in English and requires students to have sound English language skills. Students are required to provide documents showing that they have minimum acceptable proficiency in English language. Generally, your transcripts should show whatever English classes you have taken up in the past. If you have spent one year of full-time study in any college or university in any English speaking county, you should obtain the necessary transcript from the institution concerned. Furthermore, if you have taken up ELICOS or English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students in any of the accredited English language institutions in Australia prepare the corresponding transcript and proof of course completion. Students who belong to non English speaking countries it’s mandatory for them to qualify ILETS or TOFEL examination. It is advised that students must give this exam well in advance and keep there score cards with them before applying in Australian Universities. The score card is valid for two years. If student is somehow not able to get admission in the present session so, while the student applies again for next session he is not required to give ILETS again.

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