ONLINE HIGH SCHOOL-The New Way of Learning

In recent years, a rise in online courses has been witnessed. Universities and educational institutions have taken themselves to online platforms to increase their outreach and provide more students with their courses. The exponential rise in the popularity of these online courses epitomizes the changing needs and preferences of today’s generation. However, taking high school education to an online high school is relatively new and controversial, yet on the rise.

Hundreds of students have chosen online high schools over traditional high schools and thousands of adults are enjoying this flexible alternative to finish their schooling. Most of the virtual high schools are nationally recognised and accredited so they provide students with a valid degree and learning experience. Figuratively, this option is more famous among the adults or “dropouts” who intend to attain a high school degree but have to strike a balance between work, family, responsibilities and education.

For young students, educators are skeptical regarding its efficaciousness towards fulfilling their needs. However, they have several other benefits that augment its credibility.

Benefits of Online High Schools

Online High Schools are endowed with many advantages that aid its students in creating a flexible learning schedule for themselves.

1.      Students are the creators of their own schedule

Traditional Schools design a common work schedule for every student. Yet, every student has different needs and varying working times. While some students find it best to study early morning for optimum learning, others might prefer afternoons or evenings. The ability to create your own schedule helps students in learning at the time that best suits their body clock and also incorporate extracurricular activities, part time jobs or other activities in their schedule.

2.      Difference in learning capabilities of students is kept in mind

A student of online high schools gets to manage his/her own pace of learning. Unlike in traditional schools, where a common pace is set for every student, online schools allow the students to pace through subjects and topics they are most comfortable in and give more time to subjects they find challenging. An individualized learning environment for each student results in the optimal development of them.

3.      School Year of every students is self-designed

In traditional schools, the entire year’s schedule is pre-decided. A year begins at a set time with pre-scheduled holidays, breaks and exams. This can disrupt the learning processes of some students who might need holidays at some other time of the year due to family, religious or health reasons. More likely than not, they’ll be missing out on school in such cases. Online high schools are open throughout the year and allow the students to manage their schedule themselves.

4.      Comfortable Learning Environment

It is the best option for individuals with social anxieties or those who have been bullied in school. In such cases, learning in the comfortable environment of their homes serves as the best option.

Online high schools have their own set of benefits. It depends on the needs of the students to choose between virtual and traditional high school that serves as the best learning environment for them.

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