Merits and Demerits of Online Education Learning

There are many merits and demerits of online education learning. Online learning includes taking online classes, internship and on-hands experience, basically anything “to go”.

Merits of Online Learning

The advantages of online learning are endless. Taking online classes here and there for your first year of college is advantageous for many reasons. First of all, you won’t be stuck in a building but will be in the real world. I do the same thing and take advantages of taking online teaching classes. First of all it is cheaper; secondly, you are saving a lot of time by studying on your own. You can always get help with what you don’t need and ignore everything else that you already know. This is a lot of lecture time saved.

I used the advantage of taking classes on the go because I can do it from wherever I want whenever I want. It’s a lot of flexibility for people who have family responsibilities. Sometimes, people traveling a lot feel so restless in a college dorm because most of them don’t have the worldly knowledge and experience of someone who has already traveled, taken vacations, and on the go all the time from work and otherwise. Sometimes, college dorms can be limited to petty high school like drama, which you may have passed and it’s a good way to avoid it all and get straight to life. It is a great way to have access to internships as well. This way you are learning on the job, and getting paid for it plus getting credit. Way to excel! Who knows what kind of connections you may make on the way to help you with your career. Nowadays, almost everything is online. Even comparing actual classes, most of their reading and work are required, done and submitted to the teacher online. The world is becoming computer-based, fast, and self-sufficient. We rely on each other less and more on technology to get us through. With globalization, you may be able to get a degree completely online, even your job!

Demerits of Online Learning

A disadvantage is that this student will miss out on the “college experience”. Sure, they will get a head start in the real quick and can get ahead quicker but you are paying a personal cost to it. You may not form the connections you would by living close to each other and doing things with other students.

College is the time to make your closest connections usually because you are into the world and all in the same boat in the same place, doing the same thing at the same time, sometimes in the same room. The opportunity to make friendships this close may never come again. In high school, you are with your family; in the job world, you are already set with a family. College is the time to be yourself and have the best time of your life. For some reason, though, if college isn’t working out, being productive by living to the fullest and being mobile is a great option.

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