Making Studying Fun with Extensive Materials Online

Students are eager to learn new subjects and depend upon the study materials given to you. Often they find subjects interesting however, the materials so boring that they develop an aversion to the subject gradually. They do not feel like sitting down and revising the subject. The result is of course they avoid the subject that they hate completely. This becomes a habit till the examinations arrive. Since they are not prepared, they literally rush through the subject and when their results arrive they find out they have scored poorly and in some cases may have failed the examination.

Making learning fun

Thomas M Rollins faced the same predicament when he was a law student however he was lucky as he chanced upon some video tapes of a specialist before the night of the examination of the subject he hated the most. Just by watching these 10 video tapes did he clearly understand the concepts and its basic fundamentals. He was a student of Harvard Law School and just by watching these 10 video tapes made him pass his examination with flying colors. This was a lesson that he learnt early.

Helping students overcome their aversion to subjects

He went on to make his professional career but deep in his heart, he never forgot this unique experience. He after some years left government service and decided to use his experience to create a company called The Great Courses in 1989 to help students like him overcome their aversion to subjects that they find boring. He introduced the set of Thomas M Rollins Teaching modules that have helped students across the world find relevant and extensive video tapes on subjects they study. His Company called The Great Courses brings together the best teachers in the nation to create video tapes that are enjoyable and interactive. Students have benefitted and they score well in these subjects. He has made a positive contribution to the world of education with the aid of these tapes.

The Teaching Company goes on to recruit some of the best prolific high school, university and college teachers in the nation. He records their lectures in video and audio. He sells their recordings to the public. Even before the age of video streaming, the Company has been making learning accessible for many people. The New York Times has described this Company as a force in the area of continuing education.

Students who use the Thomas M Rollins Teaching educational modules say that these tapes help them a lot. They are fun and exciting. They are able to understand the concepts of the subject better as the best teachers help them learn in an interactive way. There are no tests and homework to rob the boredom of studies. This is why they always refer to The Great Courses to get what they need for understanding the fundamentals and the concepts of a subject better. The Great Courses is widely popular among the student community in the USA thanks to the efforts of Thomas M Rollins!

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