Learn Development Studies At JSGP To Explore The World Beyond Conventions


The word development has become the buzzword in the last decade in every part of the world. Our country has also definitely improved in various aspects in the last decade. It’s been called a developing nation by major global leaders of the world. If you are wondering where all this is going, just keep reading.

This whole development buzzword has given rise to a new field of study. The aspiring students are willing to learn the various aspects of this field by getting enrolled in the masters in development studies in India taught at the Jindal School of Government and Public Policy.

Why The Course Holds So Much Significance?   

The course is multidisciplinary in its nature. It will give you an insight of various subjects such as economics, ecology, philosophy, political science, international relations, public management, public policies, sociology, psychology, and others. Many experts consider it as an improved version of applied economics or development economics. Given the focus on improving the several aspects of the society, the knowledge obtained by studying this particular course is extremely valuable.

The students can look forward to working in respectable positions in various national and multinational organizations with excellent remunerations and other benefits. It’s a field for expert thinkers. This course is not for someone who just wants to study the textbook stuff and get a nice job after graduation. You can do more than that after studying this course. You can be changing lives of people, changing social norms and changing the economic status of the country. We have just scratched the surface of the major benefits of doing this course.

The Progress So Far    

The rise of this course is phenomenal in our country. The people of our country don’t give a damn about the new and innovative course. However, in a very short, this field has garnered immense popularity. It’s due to the fact that multidisciplinary nature of this course. It gives the students a major advantage in their future. The students with the masters in development studies in India will likely be going to get a position in a good organization.

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