Keeping Children Safe in the Educational Setting

The use of an SCR for recruitment is necessary in educational settings. This type of recording system allows an educational system to use it as a log for more reliable recruitment checks, including the details of DBS or the Disclosure and Barring service.

The Disclosure and Barring Service

The DBS itself works continuously to make sure employers are making safer and more secure recruiting decisions, which in turn prevents issues with certain employees down the road. Therefore, the DBS works closely with authorities locally to make sure the process is running well. When the SCR or single central record is used for recruitment, you need to update the record when new employees are recruited. This is important to do as Ofsted inspectors may request to see the record for review.

Types of SCR Information

The information that is included for SCR purposes includes the following:

  • Identity checks
  • Qualification checks – These checks are used for positions that require specific criteria, such as the national professional qualification in headship or qualified teacher status.
  • The employee’s eligibility to work within the UK
  • A DBS enhanced disclosure
  • Overseas criminal checks, if necessary

Who Should Be Checked to Meet Compliance Requirements

The following people must be checked:

  • All employees that are employed to work at a school.
  • Individuals who provide extra instruction or teaching who are not considered staff members. For example, a music teacher might fit under this category.
  • Volunteers who regularly come into contact or communicate with children; governors who work as volunteers are included in this group.
  • Staff who work on a casual basis, who are employed by an agency or the school.

Paying the Fees for Keeping Records Online

The SCR can be added to today’s technology as well, so recruiting can be made easier. When the SCR is set up for use on the computer, you normally only need to log into the platform and register your educational facility. Normally, you need to pay a one-time fee to register. An annual maintenance fee is also normally assessed for each data record.

How the Computerised System Works

Once you have logged into the platform, you can transfer your SCR into the bespoke system. This system is compliant with both ISI and Ofsted requirements. After you set up your SCR, you can access it through an online portal. Simply view the SCR from the main menu. The computer system takes care of any extra required services or checks. Any additional services or checks that are ordered are billed monthly.

When using this type of platform, you have the ability to include additional administrative users and schools. You can include information at any time, day or night. All the data is backed up each evening, using encryption. By using this recruiting technology, you enhance efficiency, save time, and ensure your compliance requirements.

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