How to Shop for School Uniforms with Your Child

School uniforms are used in places of education all over the world to help simplify dressing routines for students while benefiting both individuals and entire campuses. Uniforms allow for less discrimination, save parents money, and allow for a more professional and unified school atmosphere. Just as many workplaces call for a uniform, many schools do so as well. While your child may find their uniform limiting, there are ways to help you both by staying under budget and allowing your child to have more control over their school clothing choices.

When shopping for school uniform pieces, including your child at any age can be beneficial. When you choose uniform pieces together, you can make sure the style and fit is both appropriate for the uniform dress code as well as your child’s preferences. To learn more, here are a few tips to help you shop for school uniforms with your child.

Understand the Uniform Requirements

First things first, you’re going to want to understand your child’s school uniform requirements. All schools are different, and so are the school uniform requirements. Some schools are stricter than others, but in any case you’ll need to check. Here are a few things to take notice of with the help of your child:

  • What Colours Are Required? – There are often colour options that reflect school colours. Be sure to check the colour and hues that are accepted for each piece of clothing.
  • Which Pieces Are Mandatory? – Note which pieces are required.
  • Which Pieces Are Optional? – While not required, optional pieces may give your child more options.
  • What Is and Isn’t Permitted? – Make note of everything that is and isn’t permitted to be worn as a guide.
  • Options for Accessories – Accessories can help your child express individuality. Be sure to check out what kind of accessories are permitted and allowed, both specified to the uniform and what is optional.
  • Hemlines and Fits – Hemlines and fits are important as well.

Set a Budget

Don’t forget to set a budget so you can keep your costs down. You should set a budget that will accommodate the pieces your child needs and allows you to invest in quality. Quality pieces are durable and should last your child the whole school year. Also, don’t forget to factor in growth when buying clothes. If you child is finished growing, investing in quality will allow pieces to be used over the school year and beyond from the right school uniform shop.


Wherever you can, allow your child to personalise their uniform. This can mean anything from initials to accessories. Wherever the dress code allows your child to be unique with their clothes and style choices, give your child such an option.

Benefits of Shopping Online

If you want to save money and get quality, you may want to consider shopping online. This way, you can involve your child with easy clothing options, have the uniform pieces delivered, and your child can try them on at home. If they don’t fit or they aren’t what you need, you can return or exchange the pieces as well, making things convenient for everyone.


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