How To Make A School Playground Extremely Appealing

There are lots of ways to make a school playground more appealing. If children are not excited by the prospect of playing, then they will stay indoors when it is break time. This can have a negative effect on their mood as well as their health.

How is it possible to make a school playground more appealing for students?

Paint The Floors And Walls With Bright Colours

The first thing that you can do to make your playground more appealing is to paint the walls and floors with fluorescent colours. This is better than just having grey concrete which is drab and will not grab anyone’s attention.

The walls and floors can be painted with a montage of different images, such as animals or fantasy creatures. You might also want to paint flowers and the sunshine to make people feel a lot happier, The paint might start to flake and peel after a while, so make sure that the paint is reapplied every once in a while. Completely redesign your school playground so that it looks brand new.

Put In New Swings’

Swings are probably the most popular pieces of equipment in the entire playground. You need to make sure that they are well maintained, so put in new ones if they are starting to become run down. The seats might start to crack and the chains can become extremely rusted. The chains can be treated with a special chemical which will prevent them from rusting up again.

Put In A Bigger Slide

A large slide will ensure that people can have lots of fun and they will be able to pick up momentum as they slide down. The problem with many slides is that they are just too short to give people a good ride. If you notice that the slide is too short, then have it replaced and a new slide can be fitted in place.

Choose A Larger Roundabout

The roundabout needs to be fun as well as being secure. People will not want to use the roundabout if it is too small. Children will feel claustrophobic and it can be dangerous if too many kids are using the slide at once.

Install a large roundabout so that lots of children will be able to fit on at the same time. The roundabout can be fitted with railings and seats to make children even safer. They will be able to enjoy themselves without falling off the roundabout at high speed.

Install A Large Climbing Frame

Install a large climbing frame so that children can get some exercise whilst they are having fun at the same time. There are many different types of a climbing frame to choose from, so research several different styles before you make the final decision.

Making a playground more appealing is not a difficult process and you can follow some simple steps in order to give the entire playground a complete makeover.

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