Do You Have A Passion For Social Work

Social work is certainly a noble field of work because it means sacrificing your most precious resource – your time – to help others in society. It often involves a lot of hours of devotion to others (families or individuals) and sometimes it doesn’t reap the best rewards monetary wise. This is why these special people are so revered by their peers.

What exactly does social work involve?

Social Workers are actively involved in the pursuit of social justice. They are similar to other professions that help people (nurses, firefighters, etc) but they focus on, what is known in the social work profession as, the person-in-environment model.

There isn’t exactly a specific type of person that social workers help. They are from all walks of life from the young to the old and the work environment can vary according to your client (hospitals, schools,etc.).

How do you become a social worker?

It all depends on what you would like to do within the social work field. There is a bachelors course at most universities in the UK and you can go as far as your masters or doctorate (the doctorate isn’t that necessary unless you are keen on research jobs). The most important way to get involved in social work, however, is through volunteering.

Once you have your masters you can get certified as a social worker in the country or state in which you live and work. From there it is up to you to find the job you want.

Volunteer your time

No matter what age you are, from primary school to fresh out of university, you can always get involved in social work if you are prepared to volunteer your time. This is a great way to experience first hand what it is like and whether you have an interest in the field. It is also an excellent way to build up a good CV if there is a job you know you want. Social Work is all about showing your passion and dedication to the cause.

Maintaining your competence

 As a social worker, it is important to keep learning and building connections in order to stay abreast in the field. This is to ensure that you are the best social worker you can be. The field can be very progressive at times and this is why it is so important to expand your knowledge by reading published studies and the latest trends in social work.

Social Work recruitment agency

The best way to go about securing a job in the field of social work is to sign up with a recruitment agency. Not only do they specialize in the social work field so they have the best connections but they also have loads of tips and training to provide from their experience in the industry.

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