Canadian Working Holiday Visa for Australian Citizens

Canada is known for its warm hospitability, vibrant culture, and dazzling weather with mesmerizing views. The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Treduax, himself is known for his warmth and his open mindedness. Canada has long been heralded for its ice hockey teams, the beautiful, to-die-for ski resorts and their iconic summer resorts perfect for a trip of relaxation in the middle of nature’s bosom.  Canada then seems like the perfect destination for a working holiday.

Information about Working Holiday Visa

A Working Holiday Visa or an International Experience Working Holiday Visa is a temporary work visa. It is provided in over thirty countries for young aspirants who can have legal permits to work in Canada and stay there. The work permit has a validation from 1-2 years, but this depends on the country of which you are a citizen of.

Requirements for Australian Citizens

There may be many reasons why you would wish to apply for a Canadian working holiday visa. A Canadian working holiday visa for Australian citizens can be easy to obtain if you follow the right path and get all the official work done properly.

  • Be a documents citizen of Australia
  • You need to be in possession of a valid passport. The validity shouldn’t not be expiring during your time in Canada
  • Only 18 to 30 year olds can apply
  • You need to have $2500 (Canadian dollars) in your bank account to cover expenses
  • Provide evidence of health insurance
  • You need to have an already booked ticket, round trip. Or, have definite finances to book you return from Canada when the work permit ends
  • You are not allowed to have dependents. investment visa program for australia

Keep Note:

At this time, New Zealanders and Australians are only allowed to have a single two year Canadian working holiday visa


Investment Immigration Visa

Investment Immigrant Visa programs are a way to attract overseas investments and business to the country. Since these visa programs provide citizenship and residency to the financiers in the country, these visa programs are also called as Citizenship by Investment programs

Investment Immigration Australiais a five year permanent visa which allows one to travel inside and outside of Australia. The visa costs $2225

Eligibility Requirements

  • You have to be a primary holder of an Investor (Provisional) visa
  • Have been living in Australia for at least 24 months
  • There is a requirement for you and your family to meet health and character criteria
  • You need to meet the requirements of business.

The Investment visa program for Australia, allows you and your family to live in Australia. You can also study in the country. There is a possibility for you to enroll in Australia’s health related schemes. If you meet the requirements, you can apply for citizenship in Australia. You can also be able to sponsor relatives who wish to acquire residency in Australia.

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