Brain Development and Second Language Learning

Age to Learn Second Language

This article recently published highlighting ‘The age which children learning a second language can have significant bearing on the structure of their learning in the adult brain’. (Source: Channels McGill University). This followed research at the Neuro at McGill University in conjunction with scientists at Oxford University.

Worldwide Education and Second Language

Globally most people speak more than one language. If a second language is developed in a child’s early years, these skills will follow though into their adult life. The research followed brain patterns and identified they have similar ones in the early years. Further information of the technical aspects regarding second language and brain development is worth knowing.

In chapter 2 and chapter 7 of my eBook  “How to Help Your Child LEARN 457% FASTER and Unleash Their Inner Genius!”  I explain there is also other positives to understanding the connection the brain has and learning a second language is a key to a child’s ability to excel in their learning. Other research in brain development states that 90% of brain growth takes place in the first 2,000 days, way before they attended kindergarten. So we are seeing more evidence linking these two together.

What is Required for Children’s Development Today

The importance of children’s development grounding in the early years is critical for their success, at school, in life and later on in a career. Marc Prensky, internationally acclaimed writer, innovator and visionary on education and learning, explains why we need to consider this today. His two most recent books ‘Teaching Digital Natives ‘ and ‘Brain Gain’, both extremely innovative, look at technology and the brain and what needs to be considered for our young children.

Providing a Second Language

Not all parents can provide second language learning. Some lack education in creating this supportive environment for the child. Some just don’t know how to put this into practice and finding an educational quality childcare to support second language learning is also difficult. So I suggest that if you want to provide the best learning skills for your child then look at introducing a second language on the early years. Your child will be better off in the future with their ability to learn and retain information.

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