Boarding Middle School-A Parents’ Greatest Gift

Boarding Middle Schools are predominately for students between the ages of 11-15. Early in the adolescence years are difficult years as one can contest to with decisions looming in the near future that will determine the eventual outcome of adulthood. Wanting the best for their children, parents begin to search for alternative education that will give their child an advantage over others in the same peer group. Middle Boarding Schools fulfill this essential void in their child’s life with an academic curriculum that is designed to implant the direction of the child towards a rewarding and successful career. With a focused environment, free of distractions, Boarding Middle Schools offer a unique opportunity currently not available via more traditional methods of public education.

Boarding Middle School admission is conducted via the application process which may or may not be quite extensive, depending on the requirements set forth by the school administration board. Not all students that apply to Middle Boarding Schools are accepted depending on the accreditation of the Boarding Middle School current ranking. Those schools ranking high are very difficult to enter and often students may have to seek out another similar Middle Boarding School to attend. The application process requires an impersonal meeting with the admission board and the students’ parents. From this meeting the administration board will determine if the student is a good fit for the school in question based on the maturity and independence shown. This impersonal meeting is often the deciding factor if the child is accepted or declined admission.

Boarding Middle Schools stress the development of the student with encouragement to be self-starters, relying on themselves with daily activities once provided by the students’ parents. Somewhat frightening and the realization that the student must now provide for his or herself, Boarding Middle Schools offer the guidance and support that is desperately sought by the student during this transitional period. With 24/7 supervision available, students with concerns may remain somewhat optimistic in regards to their attendance. Where guidance and support are often found throughout Middle Boarding Schools, problems, concerns are readily rectified. Self-initiative and with confidence growing, students’ begin to see the overall importance of what needs to be accomplished while in attendance.

Boarding Middle School students are better prepared for entering college upon graduation than their peer groups with a significant increase in obtaining Master or PhD degrees in their respective field of expertise. GPA average for Middle Boarding School students entering college is often slightly higher with an 86.8% GPA versus an 83.2% GPA for fist year college students without a Boarding Middle School experience. It has been often said that Independence is the greatest gift that a parent can give to a child. Learning individuality is often the cure for attitudes that at times, is less than acceptable. Where parents’ love and devotion remain forever, running deep through good and bad times but not often expressed, true love and devotion can be expressed by sending their child to Boarding Middle School, A parents’ greatest gift.

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