All about CCIE certification

Everyone wants to set their career in a better way. Since the competition is highly increasing, one must put forth more effort in order to enhance their capability to a greater extent. Especially the people who are engaged in the field of IT should initiate more effort to enhance their standard in their field. There are many special courses and certifications which can be considered as the stepping stone towards great success in the field of IT. In current scenario, IT professionals are interested in CCIE exam as they can add more value to their career growth. Even though this course holds various benefits, many professionals in the field of internet and networking are still unaware of the details about this certification. Some basic things which should be known about this certification are revealed in this article.

What is CCIE?

This is nothing but Cisco Certified Internet Work Expert. The most interesting fact about this certification is this is considered to be the most prestigious certification. And obviously this is also the highest paid certification in current trend. As the name indicates, this certification is offered by the largest Networking Equipment Manufacturers called Cisco. People who want to become a doctorate in networking can undergo this certification without any constraint. This certification includes both the written exam and the laboratory session. The written exam will be of 3 hours and following the written exam, there will be 8 hours of laboratory session. Since this is a highly certified exam, people who are intended in attending this exam must put forth more effort.

Career growth

One of the main reasons for why the professionals are coming forward to handle this exam is in concern to their career growth. People who tend to pass this examination will become an expert in networking. They will be capable of handling any kind of work related to networking. For example, they can develop their ability of designing, implementing, testing and maintenance. These people will be capable of handling any kind of complications related to networking. They will be capable of troubleshooting any kind of complications in networking infrastructure. The professionals who want to earn the highest salary in the field of networking can make use of this certification. Through this certification, they can get employed in the most prestigious company for the highest pay. This will be the ideal option to shape careers for network engineers.


Since this certification is more important, one must prepare the best for writing this examination. Obviously they will be supposed to overcome various challenges for passing this certification. Hence they must make the best preparation for writing this exam. One can make use of the guides in the market in order to prepare at the best. But it is to be noted that while choosing the guide they must make sure to choose the one which is written by Cisco world renowned authors. And obviously only such guides will be highly trustable and can help for the best preparation.

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