A Career Guide for the Aviation Industry

Getting a career in the aviation industry can be quite fascinating and exciting. Everybody, as a child, dreams of flying high, but very few set out to achieve this. When it comes to choosing a career in aviation, most people think that pilot or the cabin crew is the only available job profile to choose from. This notion is very wrong. All activities that deal with the operation of an airline, be it aircrew, flying operation, air traffic management, technical aspect comes under the aviation industry.

Liberalization and privatization of the aviation industry has resulted in are mark able growth of this sector. Aviation industry, at present, is one of the fastest growing industries around the world, thanks to the growing population and the ever evolving technology. This wave of change seen in the aviation industry has led to a plethora of job opportunities so as to meet the ever increasing demands of mankind. What is fascinating about this industry is that it has job opportunities for all – the young and the experienced. And those employed in the industry enjoy the benefits of a fancy salary and some great travel perks.

Job Opportunities

Most choices of careers in aviation industry require good knowledge in computers and strong arithmetic skills. In fact, if you have a scientific inclination of mind or are good at math, mechanical or engine work or are trained in security tasks, there are plenty of career options available in the aviation industry. On the other hand, if a person has excellent interpersonal and communication skills, they can take up the job roleĀ of a flight steward or an air hostess.

The job role in this industry could be broadly classified into Management Careers and Flying Careers. You could choose your career path based on your interests. Some of the career options include Flight Technicians, Airline Engineers, Pilots, Airline Attendants, In-flight Supervisors, Cabin Attendants, Crew Scheduler and Flight Coordinators. The other career options would be Airport Security, Line Service Personnel, Business Development, Cost Analysts, Aeronautical Engineers, Technical Writer, Ground Instructors, Air Traffic Controllers and Airport Managers. These jobs also attract a significant number of job seekers.

Perks of Working in the Aviation Industry

One of the many benefits that you can reap while working in the aviation industry is the tremendous travel opportunities. Airline employees enjoy a vast amount of travel perks. Generally, the airline employees are allowed to travel free of cost or at a greatly discounted price on their airlines.

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