5 Humanities Subjects that should be Chosen for a great career ahead

When a student graduates’ class 12 and leaves school, the real challenge starts. It is high time to make a career and in the student’s mind, only one question keeps popping up- what should they do next. Also, other things like what are the career options available for their course, which will be the ideal course? These become their only concern.

Arts or humanities is considered to be one of the most diverse streams and the main subjects dealt by this stream are- Political Science, Sociology, Literature, Psychology etc. There is a misconception that students opting for this stream have limited career options, actually, in reality, the career horizon for the students who belong to this stream has no limit. There is a range of varied career options from which the students can choose one for them like- business, teaching, law, social studies, politics, journalism, television etc. more to that, when it comes to undergraduate courses, this discipline has many things in its store. To clear the confusion of the students here is a little description of the popular courses for the students from the humanities background:

  • B.A in Economics: This is a specialized course or in other words academic degree belonging to the sector of social sciences which encompass both quantitative and literate courses. Students who belong to this field of specialization have a lot of varied career options to select like cost analysis, strategic pricing, statistical forecasting, marketing research etc. the major employers in this particular field are financial institutions, multi-national corporations, government organizations, and unions.
  • B.A Political Science: This course is taught at almost all the humanities colleges in Delhi NCR and is centered on the details of the nation, state, government, politics and policies of the government both in the national and international level. The topics on which students get educated are world terrorism, economic conditions, environmental issues, international relations etc. Students belonging to this course become capable of carving a niche for themselves in the field of international relations, politics, social research, and social work easily.
  • B.A Sociology: Study of social changes, social life, social causes and the human behavior are the main topics dealt with by this course. For the students who want a career in teaching, social work, research, and journalism, this discipline is the ideal one. If a student can study this course from the best humanities colleges in Delhi NCR, then they can look for various popular intentional and national NGOs and organizations for social works who prefer to recruit students from this field.
  • B.A Journalism: If you have the flair of tailoring words into articles or have the knack for verbal communication, then you should opt for this course. The students of this field gain knowledge in subjects like entertainment, politics, social and economic issues. Not only media organizations offer jobs to the student pursuing this course but also jobs from the communication wing of many reputed and high-end business organizations are offered.
  • B.A in History: Student of history honors mainly study about the past events of any country around the world, their significance and their consequences. Without knowing the history of anything we cannot understand the recent events and cultures. Similarly knowing the history of our world is equally important. This course opens doors to the career options like teaching, research etc.

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